Divorce Effects on Kids
The Importance of Being Consistent

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Consistency Improves Divorce Effects on Kids

There are many possible divorce effects on kids. Some of the effects are emotional, others are psychological, some are short term, while others are long term. The actual effects that are going to develop are going to depend on a lot of factors such as the dynamics of the family, the personality of the child and how the parents handle children and divorce before, during and after the divorce is finalized.

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While it is undeniable that there are effects of divorce on children, the effects that precipitate don't have to be severe or long term. There are things that you can do as parents to reduce the negative effects of divorce on your kids and increase the positive effects that divorce can have. One way is to create consistency in their lives.

The first place where you can create consistency in your children's lives is in their schedule. Anxiety is one of the negative divorce effects on kids that can be avoided by implementing a consistent schedule. This schedule should reflect what their daily schedule was like before the divorce. While it is not practical to expect to maintain an exact schedule replica, as parents you need to tray and at least come close.

The next area that needs consistency after a divorce is your set of family rules. Family rules need to set boundaries for your children, without being overly restrictive. This set of rules not only needs to be enforced in your home, but it also needs to be enforced in your ex-spouse's home. By having rule consistency in both parents' houses, the kids will know what they can and cannot do, and what is expected of them. This practice is a sign of excellent child divorce parents.

Enforcement of the family rules also needs to be consistent. During a divorce kids are going to need structure. Families that struggle during a divorce, often do so simply because parents lax in their enforcement of the rules out of guilt or exhaustion, which is understandable. However, without consistency in rule enforcement kids are going to free fall through your divorce making things more challenging after the divorce has been finalized.

The light at the end of the tunnel is that your family can make it through a divorce. You may be a little worse for the wear, but still functional, still healthy, and still together. The key is to put in the effort to make the adjustment to a new family structure during the transition instead of waiting until it has been finalized by a judge.

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